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Elonglin Max 41% OFF Mens Winter Jacket Superlatite Faux Windbreaker Fur Hood Cotton Pad

Elonglin Mens Winter Jacket Faux Fur Hood Windbreaker Cotton Pad


Elonglin Mens Winter Jacket Faux Fur Hood Windbreaker Cotton Pad

Product description

Elonglin Men's Winter Thick Padded Jacket Coat
-With the materials of polyester, which is durable and comfortable. lightweight and breathable.

Size Charte (1 inch = 2.54 cm, 1cm = 0.3937 inches):

Style A:
Bust 41.7"(Asian M): Bust 106CM, Length 66CM, Shoulder 44CM, Sleeve 61.5CM
Bust 43"(Asian L): Bust 110CM, Length 68CM, Shoulder 45CM, Sleeve 63CM
Bust 45"(Asian XL): Bust 114CM, Length 70CM, Shoulder 46CM, Sleeve 64.5CM
Bust 46.5"(Asian 2XL): Bust 118CM, Length 72CM, Shoulder 48CM, Sleeve 66CM
Bust 48"(Asian 3XL): Bust 122CM, Length 73CM, Shoulder 49CM, Sleeve 67CM
Bust 50"(Asian 4XL): Bust 128CM, Length 74CM, Shoulder 51CM, Sleeve 69CM
Bust 53"(Asian 5XL): Bust 134CM, Length 75CM, Shoulder 52CM, Sleeve 69CM

Style B:
Bust 41.7"(Asian M): Bust 106CM, Length 66CM, Shoulder 43.5CM, Sleeve 63.5CM
Bust 43"(Asian L): Bust 110CM, Length 68CM, Shoulder 45CM, Sleeve 65CM
Bust 45"(Asian XL): Bust 114CM, Length 70CM, Shoulder 46.5CM, Sleeve 66.5CM
Bust 46.5"(Asian 2XL): Bust 118CM, Length 72CM, Shoulder 48CM, Sleeve 68CM
Bust 48"(Asian 3XL): Bust 122CM, Length 74CM, Shoulder 49.5CM, Sleeve 69.5CM
Bust 49"(Asian 4XL): Bust 124CM, Length 76CM, Shoulder 51CM, Sleeve 71CM
Bust 50"(Asian 5XL): Bust 128CM, Length 78CM, Shoulder 52.5CM, Sleeve 72.5CM
Bust 52"(Asian 6XL): Bust 132CM, Length 78CM, Shoulder 54CM, Sleeve 74CM

If you do not know how to decide, welcome to contact our customer service, we will help you choose the size fits.

-Please check your size and refer to choose from our size chart, to make sure the item fits before ordering.
-Please allowed slight colour deviation due to different displays and allow 2-3CM different due to manual measurement.

Package Included:
1 xMen's Quilted Jacket

Elonglin Mens Winter Jacket Faux Fur Hood Windbreaker Cotton Pad


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