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RainboSee Gothic Online limited product Waist Bag Punk Tactical Bi Outdoor Leg Indefinitely Drop

RainboSee Gothic Waist Bag Punk Tactical Drop Leg Bag Outdoor Bi


RainboSee Gothic Waist Bag Punk Tactical Drop Leg Bag Outdoor Bi

Product description

??RainboSee Hiking Fanny Pack Men Women Multi-Pocket Drop Leg Bag Tactical Hip Molle Waist Pack Bike Motorcycle Cycling Camping Hiking Hip Bag Purse

Material: PU Leather + Polyester + Alloy

Bag Weight :1.5LB/0.7KG
Package Including: 1* Waist Pack + 1 * Strap

►Leg and Waist straps can be removable, adjustable quick-release buckle as a lightweight tactical leg .Let your movements more comfortable.
►This stylish leg bag can used as a drop leg bag, waist pack, thigh bag, shoulder bag ,travel bag, outdoor bag.
►Medium size, easy to put it in you backpack, luggage bag or suitcase when you travel.
►Perfect for outdoor, travel, camping, shopping.
►Waist Pack is a great gift for a Birthday,Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day,Father's Day .A good gift for your friend,boyfriend,husband,father or son.

Warm Tipps:
①Due to the different measurement methods, the size may have a little error.

② Each piece is individually crafted, the color may vary slightly.

③Due to the difference between the light and the display, the product will have a little color difference.

④Canvas products will have a little odor, which is normal.Open it and place in a ventilated place, the odor will disappear within a few of days.

?Warranty and Service:
?Please do not hesitate to leave us a message if you have any questions. We will reply you within 24 hours and offer our best services.
?All orders are backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will try our best to satisfy each customer.

RainboSee Gothic Waist Bag Punk Tactical Drop Leg Bag Outdoor Bi


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