$31,www.cynthiaelenphoto.be,1480,Spline,Golden,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/hypersentimental145721.html,Slip,16,Aftermarket,Yoke,x,Tech,1.562",Series $31 Golden Tech 1480 Series 1.562" x 16 Spline Slip Yoke Aftermarket Automotive Replacement Parts Golden Tech 1480 Series 1.562" x 16 Boston Mall Slip Yoke Spline Aftermarket $31,www.cynthiaelenphoto.be,1480,Spline,Golden,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/hypersentimental145721.html,Slip,16,Aftermarket,Yoke,x,Tech,1.562",Series Golden Tech 1480 Series 1.562" x 16 Boston Mall Slip Yoke Spline Aftermarket $31 Golden Tech 1480 Series 1.562" x 16 Spline Slip Yoke Aftermarket Automotive Replacement Parts

Golden Easy-to-use Tech 1480 Series 1.562

Golden Tech 1480 Series 1.562" x 16 Spline Slip Yoke Aftermarket


Golden Tech 1480 Series 1.562" x 16 Spline Slip Yoke Aftermarket

Product description

Dimension: Outside Yoke Dimension: 4.438" Bearing Cap Diameter: 1.375" Center Line to End of Spline: 6.812" Center Line to Face of Spline: 1.312" Spline Outside Diameter: 1.562" Number of Spline: 16 Joint Angle: 21°

Golden Tech 1480 Series 1.562" x 16 Spline Slip Yoke Aftermarket

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